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Garage & Lounge

A place to hang out that also has the tools, space, and knowledge to help people fix bikes themselves!  

Choose a Membership

  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for Hanging out and Maintaining a New or Running Bike
    • No major repairs. Normal maintenance and bolt on upgrades
    • I'm here to support the shop and get the membership perks
    • Can book shop time for 1 on 1 help as needed
  • Motorcycle Storage

    Every month
    Don't have your own garage? Hiding a bike from a loved one? Have one too many bikes?
    • Store 1 bike with us
    • Use lifts, tools, and space when needed
    • Bookable help at a discount when you get stuck
    • Membership discounts and perks
  • Guided Custom Build

    Every month
    We Have Your Back and Will Guide you Through Your Entire Project!
    • Project planning / logistics management to keep you on track
    • $50 / hr 1 on 1 help to build your dream
    • Priority access to lifts and tools.
  • I've Got This. DIY Build

    Every month
    D.I.Y Wrenching, Ask for Help When Needed
    • Access to tools, and lifts to work on projects yourself
    • $50 / hr bookable 1 on 1 help for when you get stuck

What is a Community 



D.I.Y Hopes and Dreams

Ever wanted to build a motorcycle, but have no idea where to start.?  Is the prospect of rebuilding a motor a daunting proposition?  Have you found a bike in your grandparents basement, or in an Uncles barn and are starting to realize that you may be in a bit over your head?   Have you been working on bikes for years, but need a tool or are tired of working in your garage alone?


Come on down, we are here to help! 

We will show you how to turn that turd into the sleek dream machine that matches all those builds you have been drooling over on Instagram or Pinterest.


Hickory Union Moto is Kansas City's only D.I.Y motorcycle garage.    We have the tools, space, and knowledge to help you fix a bike yourself.   Anything from simple oil changes to complete custom builds, we are here to take the fear out of motorcycle and mechanics so people can learn, build, and create. 

How it works

Its sorta like a gym membership for your motorcycle.  Depending on what you want to do, we offer membership levels to suit your needs.    

Prices range between $30 and $200 a month depending on what your needs are.   Thats one heck of a deal considering most motorcycle shops charge over $100/hr and in the end, you have no idea what they did to fix it.     


If you are new to motorcycles, or just need a  place to wrench, reach out, stop by, lets build cool things together.

Hickory Union


Community Motorcycle Garage and Lounge

10 South James ST.

Kansas City Kansas


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